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Welcome to our store. Before you purchase an item, please read the following disclaimer of japanmoonlight:

Product Information: We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of product information, but errors or omissions may occur. Please check the product information carefully before purchasing and consult our customer service for more information.

Product Quality: We make evry effort to ensure the quality of our products, but we cannot quarantee that the products are exactly what you expect. If you have any quality problems with the goods please contact our customer service staff ( email: support@japanmoolight.com) for help.

Logistics delivery: We will try best our to ensure the timely delivery of the goods, but cannot guarantee the quality of the logistics company's service. If you find any problem when you receive the goods, please contact our customer service staff (email: support@japanmoonlight.com) for help in time.

Legal responsibility: We will try our best to comply with local laws and regulations, but cannot guarantee that the goods are fully compliant with local and regulation. If you need to know the relevant laws and regulations when you purchase the goods, please consult the relevant local authoriteis.

Other issues: If you encounter any other problems when pruchasing products, please contact our customer service staff assistance in a timely manner.

Please read the above disclaimer carefully and make sure you have understood and accepted all the terms and condittions before purchasing the products. If you have any questions about the disclaimer, please contact our customer service staff at support@japanmoonlight.com for assistance.

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